Hi, and welcome to Tomatoes and Espresso. A bit of an odd mix, you may ask. On a culinary level this is true, though I’m sure a chef somewhere has tried it. No, this site is about two things that help me with my writing.

The first is the Pomodoro Technique, a method of productivity that focuses your work. I’m not kidding when I say  that this works miracles.

The other element to my writing is, plain and simple, coffee.  It invigorates the mind and body, and tastes delicious. I’ve recently started using an espresso pot rather than walking to my local for a latte—it’s much cheaper.

Pomodoro is the Italian for tomato, and espresso is the Italian coffee of choice. Hence, Tomatoes and Espresso.

I update my blog every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a different angle for each. For lovers of reading and writing (and thinking), I hope to entertain you.

You can follow @thehomemaster on Twitter for updates (or just follow the blog!).


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