Journey beyond the spam wall

Spam is such an interesting piece of our digital lives. It’s us determining what we don’t want, what we consider too vulgar to consider. There are different levels of obstruction that we can apply to the spam waves. Sometimes things that we need are trapped there, behind the wall. Other times something charming can be found amongst the muck. Like this email I received the other day.

Dear Thomas Wilson,
We send you this e-mail as a result of examining your CV presented at job board website database.
Let us give you some information about our corporation. Our firm was set up in 1983. The company compared corporate doctors and its participants decided to establish its background. To make it true they formed a team consisted of operating managers, functional experts and consultants. Our purpose is to give help to our customers in all fields required. We execute their efforts and provide juridical and primary support facilitating tax burden.
We need honest, responsible and reliable employees, for whom we would like to bid both full and part time work.

The candidate should meet the following requirements:
– Facilitation skills, the ability to multi-process and withstand fast working pace
– Capability to work under pressure

The employee will have the following job description:
– Monitoring and processing payments
– Producing weekly and monthly reports
– Following the instructions of top managers

The approximate fee for the job is 2,200 with extra recompense for every transaction processed.

The organization is fully responsible for bank and other relevant costs.

Now a Financial assistant job position is valid at our corporation.

In case you are intrigued by the position, please, send us a message by e-mail expressing your interest.

Corporate jargon? Check. Complete lack of details? Check. Hitting very close to something that I actually want? Check (that is, a job). It’s probably a genuine attempt at hiring me, because there were no phishing hyperlinks to be found.

The email was sent by one ‘Beverly Webb’ (like, interweb?) using a free nokiamail account. I would say they found me through Freelancer or oDesk, both websites where willing workers search for contract jobs of dubious respect. However it got to me, I’m glad it did.

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