Sunday Musing: Where I’m Comng From

I feel that I should give a little background to this new push for three weekly updates. A few months back a bought a book called The Writer’s Devotional. It gives daily writing exercises for 365 days. Each day of the week is given over to a specific topic. For example, Thursdays are for editing. Saturdays are for reading, hence the Saturday Review. Yes, that means I’ll be reading 52 books in a year. This task is made easier by me having read a few of the titles, but then made harder by one of them being Ulysses. Joy(ce)!

The  first reflection (the Monday one, for your information) talked about why people write in general. It got me thinking about why I write, or want to at least. Let’s go with, “feel the need to”. On Tuesday I opened the book and was asked this anyway.

So why do I write?  What are my goals? Well, I have a bunch of novels I have stored away, non-fiction I want to tackle, and plenty of ideas constantly spinning. I need to express them, and I feel that I am apt at expressing them through words. Publishing has become another passion, giving me new outlooks on the writer’s life, and on the culture of books. It’s no surprise really, but it’s far more mature and fulfilling than the game industry. I want to publish great ideas, and get my own out into the world.  These goals will most likely never amount to riches, but that doesn’t faze me. Always a good mindset for a writer.

The other side to this is whether or not what I think are worthwhile pieces are considered to be more than juvenile scribblings by others. So many writers have faced severe obstacles to their dreams. Authors have been challenged and silenced in their work, which only shows the power of such writing.  What am I? I have not faced racism or sexism, I am not a genius that is shunned. I’m just a guy.

This ties into privilege, a word I have been seeing over and over and over again. I am a young, thin, white, “well-off”, cismale. I literally have All Of The Privilege. Apparently. I am not a disempowered writer with experience. I am a disembodied writer. What have I done that could possibly interest anyone? At the very least I would like to think @RequiresHate (check them out on Twitter) couldn’t find anything racist/sexist/etc. in my work. Can I speak for the disenfranchised, those without a voice?

Maybe, but almost definitely not well.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t write, nor other angry, white cismales. Ideas and the ideals for humanity are universal, as long as they are approached  respectfully.  And that’s why I want to write; I feel the need to explore humanity as a whole.

Why do you write? Do you have something you need to say with the written word?  And is there a reason so many privileged white people feel the need to call themselves “writers”?

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