Up to Date: Cranial Overload

There’s a lot happening at the moment. I entered my first writing competition ever with a revision of my short story Fresh Air, one and a half years after completing a fething writing degree. I went for an internship position at Melbourne University Publishing, which apparently had a lot of applicants. My lecturer said to start smaller when I told her. And it’s MWF time. I’m seeing Germaine Greer on Friday, and hounding game journalists on Saturday. And none of this includes essays, girlfriends, and hospitality.

Future plans include the following:

  1. Write a novella for this by November 1st;
  2. Rework/complete about three short stories;
  3. Find work in a bookshop. That’s small enough, surely;
  4. Start on my Internet Communities series, for real this time;
  5. Work out how to crowdfund a novel series.

And all before Christmas. The joy of casual hospitality and the invigorating nature of university is really paying off. The word that comes to mind is ‘flourish’. Also, I recommend going to bed early and rising early. Anyway, I should probably go and eat.

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