Lights Out

A short, 100 word story that will be sent off with the 1000 word one. Probably going to need a little re-jigging.


* * *

Don't move. 
Don't even think about running. 
Jesus Christ, what was that thing?
As soon as you move, you're a goner. You're safe in the street light. Makes it hard to see though...
Why did you leave the party, you stupid, stupid idiot?
The storm, it's coming. Air, so thick, hard to breathe. Why's it so cold?
Oh God, what was that. There! A pair of eyes...
Gone now. How long can you wait, hmm?
How far do you reckon to the next lamp?
So many shadows.
Breaking glass.
Screeching. Clawing.
Lights out.

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